DJ Ronnie

Le mercredi 25 avril 2018 - 01h

  • Lieu : Pub Murrayfield
  • Adresse : 11, rue Jean Girard
  • Thème : Animations
There are good Deejays, great Deejays and also extra-ordinary Deejays who have fans worldwide. Being an exception to them, focused and passionate about his music, Dj Ronnie, a fast learner and a persistent musician making a mark in the
hearts of his fans.
Living by the words “Dream on, Dream big; For if you stop dreaming you die” , Deejay Ronnie has been born and brought up in “The City of Joy”, Kolkata ,and has spun some great music in the form of non-stop dance sessions n his mixtapes. Striving to create opportunities to convert his dreams into reality, he has been passionate about music from a very young age.Mastering on Virtual DJ, ableton , traktor , FL studio & Reason since the age of 14, Deejay Ronnie has endeavored to alienate himself from the crowd with his extra-ordinary sense of music loved by all.With over various mixes to his name, he masters in genres of Progressive house, EDM, Electro house, Melbourne bounce, Dubstep, Commercial house, Retro and his own edits of what he calls Electro Bollywood.
He also hosts his radio show ‘BOLLYWOOD SHOCK' at , London, which has drawn immense feedback and appreciation and is running successfully every 3rd Friday of the month. He released his first album
“ELECTronnieK MIXTAPE- vol 1”, followed by VOL-2 and VOL-3” under the record label of AIDC (All India DJs Club), which got an excellent and a massive response from the listeners. He pitched in with college occasions like fests,farewell parties,celebrity events, fashion shows etc and then moved on to playing in
private parties and all the prominent clubs and discotheques in Bangalore and now plays at major festivals across the country.
His latest podcast, ELECTronnieK HANGOVER #1 has
reached millions of hearts and has crossed 7000+ downloads. He holds no.1 spot in Bangalore with a career best ranking of #2 nationally in the year 2014 and was nominated for the top 50
superstar Djs of India by 2013 for the Bollywood segment and MyFav DJ awards 2013-14 for the best Electronica DJ category in the country. Always seeing his life as it should be and not as it is, and best dressed in music for his soul, here is hoping to extract some quality music in the near future from this yet another energetic guy in the music industry..
“If you're quiet , you're not living, You gotta be noisy and colorful”

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